Q&A: How do we schedule a network routing test / router advertisement test with SOC?


I would like to test moving our traffic over to Silverline.

  • Is there a mechanism to test moving Routed traffic over?
  • Can we schedule that for a particular maintenance window?
  • Network routing test
  • Router advertisement testing



  • Silverline DDoS
    • Routed
  • Silverline Portal
    • BGP Peer Status
    • Route Advertisements




You can test without SOC intervention by advertising the route to us, provided that you have successfully configured GRE tunnels and have activated BGP peering via the Portal: Config > Route Management > BGP Peer Status -- see How to Review BGP Status in the Portal (Routing Management).

Unless you have already discussed and implemented Route Origination with the SOC, any prefix you advertise to us will be advertised to our carriers. With Route Origination, you can manage the advertisements yourself via the Portal: Config > Route Management > Route Advertisements. Note that the SOC has to make configurations for this to work properly.

If you want additional assistance, give the SOC 24-hour notice via a support ticket, and include:

    • maintenance window
    • details of the test
    • ASN and prefix you wish to test


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