WAF Setup FAQ: How do I determine application encoding?


  • How do I determine application encoding? 
    • To create a new WAF policy, the SOC requires the WAF Setup: Technical Questionnaire.  An important question is about Application Encoding. The application encoding, or character encoding method, is used by the web application in order to apply the correct character set. It is a key characteristic of the security policy.


  • Silverline WAF


There are several ways to determine the character encoding method used by a web application:

  • You can view the application in a web browser and obtain the character encoding method from the web browser. (Refer to your web browser's documentation for information about viewing the character encoding method.)
  • You can perform a packet trace and view the Content-Type HTTP header.
  • You can ask the administrator of the web application how the application is configured.
  • You can use the following website to validate the current encoding designated by the application:

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