How to Review BGP Status in the Portal (Routing Management)


The status of your F5 Silverline BGP sessions can be seen in the customer portal, under Config > Routed Configuration > Routing Management.


The Routing Management page contains a summary of information pertaining to your sessions.

  1. BGP Peer Status Table
  2. Prefix Table (located on the BGP Peer Status tab, below the BGP Peer Status Table)
  3. Upstream Announcements


BGP Peer Status Table

In this table, you can view BGP peer sessions and activate/deactivate each BGP neighbor IP address.


Note: The light blue row indicates the regional F5 Silverline router to which the information below it pertains.


Column Explanations

Column Name Explanation
Peer The IP address of GRE interface on the customer router with which F5 Silverline is configured to establish a BGP peering relationship with.


The Autonomous System Number of the customer router.


BGP update packets received from the customer router.


BGP update packets sent to the customer router.

OutQ Number of BGP packets that are queued to be transmitted to a particular neighbor for a particular routing table.

The number of times that the peering session has gone down and restored.

Last Up/Down

The last time the peering session changed state to or from 'Established'.


The current state of the peering session.  Possible states are:

  • Established: The BGP session has been established, and the peers are exchanging update messages.  This is the preferred state and indicates that everything is connected properly between F5 Silverline and the customer router.

The remaining states occur during the process of establishing connectivity between routers.

  • Idle:  This is the first stage of a connection. BGP is waiting for a "start event" such as creating a new neighbor or resetting and existing peering.
  • Connect:  BGP is waiting for the TCP connection to be completed between peers.
  • ActiveBGP is initiating a TCP connection in an attempt to connect to a peer. It is also listening for incoming connections from the peer.
  • OpenConfirm:  BGP has acknowledged receipt of an open message from the peer and is waiting to receive a keepalive or notification message.
  • OpenSent:  BGP has sent an open message and is waiting to receive an open message from the peer.

Actions you can take on each BGP IP Address.

  • You can enable each BGP neighbor IP address by clicking Activate next to it. Once this is done, BGP peer relationships should be established.
  • Click Deactivate to disable BGP neighbor IP address.



Prefix Table

Located on the BGP Peer Status tab, below the BGP Peer Status Table.


Column Explanations

Column Name Explanation

The prefix that's being advertised by the customer's router to F5 Silverline.

Next Hop

The next hop for the advertised prefix, as advertised by the customer's router to F5 Silverline.


The Multi-Exit Discriminator value assigned to the prefix.

AS Path

The AS path to the origin of the prefix.  An 'I' to the right of the last AS number in the path denotes that the router with that AS number originated the announcement (e.g. using a 'network' statement).


The local preference for the advertisement.

Active Tag

An asterisk (*) in this column denotes that this is the preferred AS path and next hop for prefix.


More information about how BGP determines the active route can be found here:


More information about BGP session attributes can be found here:


Upstream Announcements

Once you've started advertising to Silverline, this tab shows you which of your prefixes are being advertised from Silverline routers to Carrier routers. Customer routes are advertised only through Quar links, using Telia, TATA, NTT, and/or (Singapore only) SINGTEL.

Annotated Screenshot  Explanation of Annotations

A. Silverline Data Center that pertains to the data below.


B. Carrier name


C. BGP peer IP addresses (redacted in image) with carrier


D. Customer prefixes that are being advertised


E. AS-Path that Silverline advertises





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