Getting Started with Silverline Routed DDoS Protection Services

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Summary of Onboarding Process for DDoS Routed Customers

The following flowchart demonstrates our onboarding process for Silverline DDoS Routed customers, which is basically this:

  1. Customer prepares for Onboarding call, which includes the following:
  2. Technical Onboarding Call (First Meeting) - SOC and Customer review the DDoS Routed onboarding process and configuration details, and SOC can address any of Customer's questions or concerns.
  3. Portal Setup -
  4. AS/AS-Set Prefixes into RaDb -- What is RADb?
  5. Provision and Configure GRE Tunnels. See GRE Tunnel Set-up Guide for more details.
  6. Router Change - Establish GRE & BGP Connectivity. See BGP Configuration - Guidelines & Tips for more details.
  7. BGP Adjacency Test
  8. Announcement Test - See "Step Three: Verifying Route Propagation" on BGP Configuration - Guidelines & Tips


Click image to full screen. Also attached as PDF for download.


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