How to Subscribe to Notices

We recommend that all F5 Silverline customers subscribe to notifications from our externally-hosted status page at This page is hosted by, which is external to F5 Silverline's infrastructure. We have an externally-hosted status page so that our customers always have access to up-to-date maintenance notices and service issues, even if we are having an internal issue with F5 Silverline that prevents access to the Portal or to the Knowledge Base.

We also recommend that all F5 Silverline customers subscribe to Maintenance and Service notices that are posted on the F5 Silverline Knowledge Base, as well as subscribing to the Release Notes section. More information here: 


How to Subscribe

1. Navigate to 

2. Click the Subscribe button in the upper-right, and then select how you would like to receive notices.


3. If you select email (most common), you will receive an email with a confirmation link. You must click this link within 15 minutes of receiving it or it expires.


4. Select which F5 Silverline data centers and which services you would like notices for.


4. Click "Save Subscription." You will now receive notices to your email.



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