F5 Silverline Service Providers (Sub-Processors)

Name Purpose PCI HIPAA GDPR (Customers)
Equinix Equinix is responsible for physical security and the associated policy and procedures for protecting the Card-holder Data Environment (PCD-DSS's term CDE) equipment located within their datacenters. F5 Silverline currently utilize 5 cages and associated power and cooling with Equinix. These cages are located in the SJC, DCA, SIN, FRA, LON hosting regions. X X  
Amazon Web Services F5 Silverline uses AWS S3 for backups that are too large for the local infrastructure environment.  Data is transported with AES 256 encryption and is encrypted at rest in storage. X   X
Rollbar Rollbar is used to store stack trace and other debugging and service improvement information about teh F5 Silverline customer portal.  Rollbar potentially could include any private data stored in teh F5 Silverline customer portal.     X
New Relic New Relic is used to measure and monitor the performance of the customer portal application.  It may collect IP Addresses of customer admins as they use the service.     X
Google Mail Google Mail is used to communicate monitoring alerts toF5 Silverline customers' administrators.     X
VMWare F5 Silverline open support tickets with VMware to troubleshoot issues with our VMx clusters, butF5 Silverline does not give VMWare access to the  environment.  The data provided to VMWare would be limited to configuration data involving VM's and the hypervisor.      
ZenDesk Customer / SOC ticketing system.     X
Plivo SMS-as-a-Service for customer notifications.    


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