Alternative to GRE Tunnels: Equinix Cloud Exchange Provisioning


Equinix Cloud is an alternative to GRE Tunnels. Due to the issues outlined here: GRE Path MTU Discovery and the inability for service providers to provide SLAs to GRE tunnel availability, customers may seek alternatives to GRE tunnels for clean traffic delivery. Additional alternatives are outlined in the KB article Alternatives to GRE Tunnels.

It is recommended to open a support ticket to best coordinate and track efforts of the provisioning.


Provisioning Steps

1) Log in to your ECX portal at

2) Create a connection to Silverline. 

Choose a VLAN ID for your side. Any number that works. Equinix will automatically map it to our chosen vlan id on the Silverline side.

The Authorization key will be the same as your new circuit ID.




Once the vlan is configured, Silverline will continue the provisioning as per guidelines found in GRE tunnel configuration guidelines:

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