Troubleshooting - 401 Unauthorized Messages


If a 401 Unauthorized message is showing in the log files of the Hybrid Device, the cause is likely one of two things.

Device Requires Approval in the F5 Silverline Portal.

  1. From within the F5 Silverline Portal, under Config -> Hybrid Configuration -> Hybrid BIG-IP Management
  2. Find the device that is experiencing the issue and verify that it is in an "Approved" state.

Example Log Message (/var/log/ltm):


Invalid Username and/or Password

  1. Verify that proper credentials have been entered into the Connector iApp / iAppsLX deployment.
  2. The Credentials being used can be tested by trying to use them to log into the F5 Silverline portal:

 Example Log Message (/var/log/ltm):




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