Article 2 - What are Hybrid Connector iApp Tags?

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What are iApp tags?

  • Tags can be defined within the Hybrid Connector iApp Deployment which can be leveraged for other Silverline iApps.  



  • Silverline DDoS
  • Hybrid Signaling
  • Hybrid Connector
  • F5 BIG-IP



Silverline Hybrid Connector iApps Tags

In the Advanced view of the Hybrid Connector iApp, Tags can be for use in other iApps such as the DoS Monitor iApp.

  • Tags are DEFINED in the Hybrid Connector iApp
  • Tags are USED in the subsequent iApps.

Hybrid Connector iApp:


DoS Monitor iApp (from within the Advanced Section):

Therefore, Signals from this deployment of the DoS Monitor iApp, will include the tags: "dc-1", "prod", and "app1".



An example of tags that are sent to Silverline as part of a DoS Monitor iApp is shown below, by searching for the particular desired tag:


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