Q&A: What are the User Roles in Silverline Portal?


  • What are the descriptions of the User Roles in the Silverline Portal?
  • What are the optional permissions for users, such as viewing WAF violation log details?
  • Role-based access control (RBAC) regulates user access to the portal.  Access is the ability of an individual user to perform a specific task, such as view, create, modify or delete a configuration element and view data such as reports.  



  • Silverline Portal
  • User Management



Silverline User Roles

User Role


Customer Admin

  • Full access to Portal Configuration: can create, modify, or delete any configuration element.
  • Full access to user management: Can create, modify and change attributes of other users.


  • Full access to Portal Configuration: can create, modify, or delete any configuration element.
  • No access to User Management: Can NOT modify attributes of other users or modify the Customer Information page.


  • Able to view all elements within the portal
  • Can NOT change configuration settings


  • Only able to view Monitor & Analyze portion of the portal. 
  • NOT able to see the Custom Dashboard section of the portal
    • Exception: Choose Yes for Can Create Dashboards

Click-through only

  • Only can accept the Sales and Service Agreements
  • NOT able to view anything on Portal


Optional Permissions for Users

Option Description
Can view WAF Violation details

Yes - User can view WAF Violation log details

No - User can NOT view WAF Violation log details


Note: Customer Admins always have visibility to WAF violation details

Can Create Dashboards

Yes - user can create Custom Dashboards and see existing Dashboards

No - user can NOT create Custom Dashboards


Note: This option appears for Read-only and Reporting-only. Customer Admins and Users can create Custom Dashboard by default. 


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