Article 5 - Troubleshooting Hybrid Signaling (DHD) Connector iApp Connectivity

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  • How to check Health status of Hybrid Signaling Connector iApp
  • How to troubleshoot most common issues that lead to failed deployment of Hybrid Signaling Connector iApp



  • Silverline DDoS
  • Hybrid Signaling
  • Hybrid Connector
  • F5 BIG-IP



How to check Health status of Hybrid Signaling Connector iApp

  • After deploying the Hybrid Signaling Connector iApp, the on-prem BIG-IP will initiate "call-home" health checks to the F5 Silverline Cloud Platform every 60 seconds.
  • These Health Check signals are used to determine the health of the connection between Silverline and the on-prem BIG-IPs.  
  • This status is reported on the Hybrid BIG-IP Management Page, located here: Config -> Hybrid Configuration -> Hybrid BIG-IP Management.


Potential Device Status Levels

UP / OK Call-home health checks are being sent and received normally.


A BIG-IP has registered to Silverline, but it has not yet been approved.  Or, it has been approved and Health Check Signals are not being received by Silverline.
HEARTBEAT MISSED / DOWN 4 consecutive Health Checks have not been received successfully pointing to a communication problem between the on-prem BIG-IP and Silverline.  If this state is unexpected for a BIG-IP, follow the troubleshooting steps in this KB Article (at the bottom):

 A SOC Analyst or Portal User has placed the on-prem BIG-IP in a suppressed state.

This is typically done if a particular BIG-IP is sending non-stop alerts to Silverline which are false positives.  Devices can be suppressed in advance of maintenance or testing, to prevent alerting the SOC unnecessarily. 




















How to Troubleshoot Most Common Issues

Majority of failed deployments of Hybrid Connector are due to these 3 Requirements (from Requirements list on Article 1 - How to Configure Hybrid Connector iApp):

Requirement Troubleshooting Docs
  • Valid F5 Silverline User Credentials with user type of Customer Admin 
  • DNS configured properly to resolve external DNS records (
    • If the BIG-IP can't resolve that name to an address, the API calls for registration will fail.
  • Outbound access from the on-prem BIG-IP, destined for port 443 (HTTPS) to  API calls (aka Signaling), are sent to:


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