How to Manage Existing SSL Certificates and SSL Profiles


  • How to Manage Existing SSL Certificates  
  • How to Manage Existing Front End SSL Profiles and Back End SSL Profiles
  • Explanation of the SSL Management tables on the Silverline Portal



  • Silverline WAF
  • Proxy
  • SSL certificates
  • SSL Profiles



In the Silverline Portal, navigate to Config > Proxy Configuration > SSL Management

Tabs on the SSL Management page (click for more info):


Certificates and Keys

The column headings in this tab are as follows:


First listed name is specified when certificate created.

Common Name (CN).  This must match the FQDN for the proxy, or at least match the parent domain name if using wildcard certificates.

Created date

Date the certificate is valid from.


Date the certificate expires.  If the certificate is expiring shortly, it will be shown in orange.


Quick view of Certificate and key fingerprints. Click the buttons for a pop-up showing the certificate and key fingerprints for MD5, SHA1, and SHA256.

Profiles using cert

List of all the Front End SSL Profiles using this SSL certificate

Intermediate Chain

If the certificate is signed by a Certificate Authority which is not a root authority, the Intermediate Authority certificate which is responsible for signing the Certificate is shown here.


The ability to edit the certificate, delete it or add notes.



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