F5 Silverline, F5 Distributed Cloud, & F5 Bot Defense Support Case Escalation

For standard F5 Silverline, F5 Cloud Services, F5 Distributed Cloud, & F5 Bot Defense Support emails and phone numbers, see How to Contact Support and what to include in a ticket.


If a case needs be escalated, request to speak to the on-duty Senior Analyst or the on-duty SOC Manager.  For such escalations, please use the following table:




SOC Lead

Immediately as required

Senior Analyst on Duty

(Request Contact Via Phone or Ticket Update)

SOC Manager On Duty

Immediately as required

SOC Manager on Duty

(Request Contact Via Phone or Ticket Update)

SOC Manager Group Voicemail

Call if the Duty Manager has not contacted you within 15 minutes. Please leave a voicemail.

Call us from one of our Regional Telephone Numbers 

At the greeting: select option 1 for Distributed Cloud, then option 4

Leave a voicemail as prompted. This will be routed to the Silverline SOC Management group for callback.

RVP, SDC Support and SOC Operations

Call if your voicemail has not been returned within 30 minutes. If no answer, leave a voicemail.

Lance Sleeper

+1 (817) 637-6621


Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for F5 Support. From time to time, customers may receive 

  • an email invitation to complete
  • an attached survey for the level of service provided.

F5 Silverline Support Resources


F5 Support Resources

  • -  F5 Online Case Management; F5 product support.
  • - The AskF5 Knowledge Base - AskF5 is your storehouse for thousands of solutions to help you manage your F5 products more effectively. In addition, you can sign up for TechNews, the Security mailing, and RSS feeds.
  • - all things iRules and iControl, plus user forums and more
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