Getting Started with Silverline WAF: Onboarding, Setup, and Implementation Plan

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Summary of Onboarding Process for WAF

  1. Customer prepares for Onboarding call, which includes the following:
  2. Technical Onboarding Call (First Meeting)
    • SOC and Customer review the WAF onboarding process and configuration details
    • SOC can address any of Customer's questions or concerns.
  3. Set up SSL  - Customer uploads SSL certificates and creates SSL Profiles
  4. Set up Application Proxy- Customer configures application proxy
  5. Add SSL Profiles to Proxy
  6. Create WAF Policy - Customer fills out WAF Tech Questionnaire. SOC Creates WAF Policy.
  7. Add WAF Policy to Proxy
  8. Set up Log Export - Customer requests SOC to turn on Log Export. Customer configures.
  9. (If applicable) Set up Threat Intelligence

Optional Configurations


WAF Policy Maintenance / Tuning

These articles provide much more details on what happens with your WAF Policies over time:


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