How to Reset 2FA as Customer Admin


This article explains how to reset 2FA for users, such as if they change their mobile device. 

What is 2FA?

Two factor authenticating (2FA) provides a higher level of Portal security by requiring each user use an authentication client in addition to their username and password. 

  • 2FA client app must be downloaded and enrolled into Silverline. 
  • 2FA client app generates one-time passcode.
  • Passcode required in addition to users' username and password.



  • Google Authenticator or other 2FA apps

  • Customer Admin for Silverline Portal



FYI For Non-Admin Users

For security reasons, Silverline cannot reset your 2FA. This requires the assistance of a Customer Admin for your account. Please contact someone from your organization with a Customer Admin access level.


Steps for Customer Admin to Reset 2FA

1. Navigate to the Silverline Portal default home page (Customer Info) > Users 

2. Click the QR code on the right side of the desired user

3. The next time the user attempts to log into the Silverline Portal with the correct username and password,  the enrollment QR code will display to set up 2FA.


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