Q&A: What is BGP and how does F5 Silverline use BGP?


  • What is BGP?
  • How does F5 Silverline use BGP?


  • Silverline DDoS
  • BGP Routing
  • GRE Tunnels


  • BGP (which stands for Border Gateway Protocol) is the main routing protocol of the Internet. BGP ties ASNs to TCP/IP networks (such as /24 networks). 
  • When 2 routers have established a connection for exchanging BGP information, they are referred to as BGP peers.
    • These BGP peers will exchange routing information between them via BGP sessions that run over TCP.


  • Once the BGP Session is established, the routers can advertise a list of network routes that they have access to and they will try to find the shortest path when sending data across the network. When you are connected to multiple networks at the same time, then certain paths will be shorter, faster or more reliable than others.


[Video] BGP Overview by F5 DevCentral

A visual explanation of how BGP works, presented by F5 Dev Central (Here's their YouTube Channel.)


  • Using BGP, F5 Silverline will announce a customer's /24 network to the internet on their behalf, so that all internet traffic goes to the Silverline scrubbing center instead.
  • The Silverline scrubbing center then cleans the traffic before delivering the filtered traffic via a GRE Tunnel onto the customer's data center.



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