Q&A: What is a /24 or Class C Address Space?


  • What is a /24 or Class C Address Space?


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1 A /24 refers to a subnet of 256 IP addresses assigned to the customers company by ARIN
2 A /24 encompasses the entire last octet, and sometime shown as as 192.168.10.x or  Remember that addresses starting in 192.168 or 10. or 172 are RFC1918 addresses and do not actually appear on the internet (they're used for local addressing on your LAN)
3 A /24 is the smallest network that Internet Carriers will exchange.
4 Silverline can announces any number of /24s as necessary for the customer.
5 A /24 address is also known as Class C Internet address space.
6 If you are a DDoS customer in Always Available mode, and are "Routed", then the smallest address space that can be advertised through BGP to our peers to route traffic through us is Class C or /24 address space.


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