Q&A: What is the Via header and what values can be found with the header?


  • What is the Via header?
  • What are all the potential permutations/variations of the Via header?



  • Silverline Proxy/Proxies



What is Via Header?

  • Silverline inserts a Via header to all HTTP responses
  • Via header indicates which region and the processing unit number processed the HTTP request/response
  • Example:
    • Via: fra1-bit#
    • Via: sjc1-bit#

Via Headers for Silverline Scrubbing Centers 

  • US West - sjc - Via: sjc1-bit#
  • US East - dca - Via: dca1-bit#
  • UK-London - lon - Via: lon-bit#
  • GE-Frankfurt - fra - Via: fra-bit#
  • SG-Singapore - sin - Via: sin-bit#

Via Headers for Silverline Regional Pops


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