BGP Community 55002:80 and Prefix Length ≤ /28


To minimize service degradation for customers using Routed DDoS protection, Silverline will engineer internal traffic routing between Scrubbing Centers for a CIDR prefix length that is less than or equal to /28.

  • In the examples illustrated below [Diagram One and Two], the customer would like to de-prefer Provider A and select Provider B due to a variety of reasons (better performance, faster route propagation, shorter BGP path to its own customers, etc.)
  • Customer can then select to advertise the route using a BGP Community string to send traffic through Provider B instead. The second example [Diagram Three] indicates a traffic flow configuration that includes 3 distinct Scrubbing Centers.

For a list of commonly-used BGP Communities, see How do BGP communities work for customer routing preferences?



  • Silverline
    • DDoS Protection
      • Routed
        • BGP Communities



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