How To: Compare Exported XML WAF Policies


How to compare the exported to XML format WAF policies.  



  • Silverline WAF
  • WAF Policy
  • F5 ASM
  • Linux filesystem


  1. Request SOC to export your policies to XML.
  2. Copy both exported policies to the same directory on the linux filesystem.
  3. Use diff command with '-y' option to display results side-by-side in a linux terminal.
    • Example: Use diff command with '-y' option:
      • example.png
    • The lines that differ between the files should be marked with a different color in linux terminal.
    • NOTE: This screenshot is just an exemplary txt file for brevity. You may expect much longer output.
  4. To save the output of the command in a file for later viewing, use redirection '>'
    • Example:
      • example2.png

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