Enable Mitigation (Blocking Mode) for Shape Defense


  • This article guides you on enabling blocking mode for Shape Defense.
  • Typically, customers configure Shape Defense in Flag mode to start, which logs but does not block any traffic. When customers feel ready, they enable blocking mode (Block or Redirect) to start actually blocking malicious traffic.

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This article assumes that you have completed the False Positive analysis for your traffic.

To start mitigating attack traffic, you will need to change the Action for the protected URLs from Flag to Block or Redirect:

  1. To access the Protected Endpoints screen, go to Configs > Proxy / App Management
  2. For a particular application, click Edit.
  3. Choose: HTTPS (443/443) HTTP (80/80) > Shape Defense tab
  4. Change the Action for the respective protected URLs from Flag to Block or Redirect.
    • Block  - Choosing Block exposes a custom response field "Block Message" Alter this message if necessary.
      • mceclip6.png
    • Redirect - Choose a target URL for mitigated traffic.
      • mceclip1.png
  5. Save And Deploy


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