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  • In this article, we have provided some tips to validate your proxy application's functionality. 

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Before migrating traffic to Silverline, we recommend going through these simple functional tests to confirm that your Application Proxy is working as expected.


1. Spoof to Silverline

Start by spoofing your host file to point to Silverline provided CNAME

2. Confirm that Spoofing is Working

Run a ping to the domain you are testing and spoofing. It will now resolve to the IP that Silverline CNAME resolves to.

3. Confirm SSL Cert

Browse over to the domain and ensure that the cert is correct. This should be the same cert which you have uploaded to Silverline while creating the application proxy.Screen_Shot_2021-03-05_at_9.19.31_AM.png


4. End-To-End Test

For both Web and Mobile applications validate the app's functionality.

i.e. For a retailer app, you will log into the app, browse through the catalogue of products, add to cart, checkout, sign in and  out, and create a new account. Everything should work as expected.


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