Q&A: What is Routed-to-Proxy (R2P)


What is Routed-to-Proxy(R2P)?

  • What is the benefit of using R2P?
  • What are the requirements to enable R2P?
  • Does it have additional cost?



  • DDoS
    • Routed
    • Proxy



Routed-to-Proxy is a configuration added by Silverline to the customer's settings which allows hosts from the routed IP space to be allocated for proxy usage. 

  • The benefit of R2P is that customers do not have to make DNS changes when a proxy is configured in Silverline
    • When creating a new proxy, customers can select the frontend IP address that needs to be allocated to process proxy requests
  • In order to use R2P, customers must advertise via routed mode at least a Class C network to Silverline at all times
    • The server IP (backend IP address) must not be the same as the IP allocated on the frontend.
    • NOTE: The front and backend IP addresses can be part of the same class C network
  • The R2P service does not involve any additional cost


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