How to Clone a 'Classic Proxy' to 'Application Proxy'


Take advantage of the latest proxy-based features by 'Cloning' your Classic proxy to an Application proxy.  Features that are only available on Application proxies:

  1. HTTP/2
  2. Improved TCP Optimization
  3. Regional PoP Locations
  4. F5® Application Traffic Insight (Advanced Device Fingerprinting service)
  5. Shape Anti-Bot / Anti-Fraud Services

Learn more about Application Proxies and the benefits of adopting them - DevCentral Article



  • Silverline WAF
  • Silverline Shape Defense
  • Silverline Layer 7 DoS
  • Proxy/Proxies


To Clone a Classic Proxy to an Application Proxy:

  1. Navigate to Config, then Proxy / App Configuration, then Proxy / App Management
  2. Click on the desired Classic Proxy
  3. On the right-hand side of the screen, there is a blue button:
    1. Click Clone to Application button
    2. Read the modal prompt
  4. The cloning wizard will copy over all of the settings, including Front and Back End, Regions Enabled, Security (WAF & L7DoS & Threat Intel), Monitoring, etc
  5. IMPORTANT - Ensure to configure ALL FQDNs that Silverline will need to process for on this App Proxy. Traffic to FQDNs that are NOT defined will be DROPPED by Silverline.
    1. (Optional): Enable F5® Application Traffic Insight on the Shape Security Tab
      1. Read more about Application Traffic Insight HERE
    2. (Optional): Enable HTTP/2 on the Advanced Tab
      1. Read more about HTTP/2 HERE
  6. Click Save and Deploy
  7. View the assigned DNS Name for the newly created App Proxy
    1. E.g.
  8. Test using Host File - How to Test the Silverline Proxy Using 'hosts' File on Windows PC
  9. At a suitable time, modify your DNS settings for your application's domain name to CNAME to the assigned Silverline DNS Name
  10. Re-test to validate proper application operation
  11. At a suitable time later, Undeploy and Delete the legacy Classic Proxy

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Note: Cloning is supported for classic proxies that meet the following services ONLY:

  1. WAF Proxy
  2. One HTTP Redirect and One HTTPS Service
  3. One HTTPS Service


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