Q&A: What is the behavior of "Request length exceeds defined buffer size"?



  • Q&A: What is behavior of "Request length exceeds defined buffer size"?
  • What is happening in Big-IP / WAF Policy when "Request length exceeds defined buffer size" occurs?



  • Silverline WAF
  • WAF Policy Protection



  1. By default, the request_buffer_size internal variable is set at 10KB.
  2. WAF Policy simply inspects the first 10 KB of large requests (larger than 10 MB, by default) to check for slow POST or DDOS attacks.
  3. If HTTP request requires more than 10KB, then long_request_buffer_size (default at at 10MB) is used.

If application expects to exceed 10MB of data, then disable block setting for Request length exceeds defined buffer size


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