How To Use Tags with Roles Based Access Control (RBAC)


  • How to define "Tags" and assign the tags to Portal users
  • How to use Tags to segment what certain users can see within the Portal.
    • For example, tags can be created with a business unit, an application, or other set of roles in mind. 


The following screenshot lists all the proxy configs as seen by Admin (unrestricted view): 

  • Total of 3 deployed proxies
  • 1 proxy is tagged with "TagTest1"


User A has been configured with the tag: 'TagTest1'


When User A logs in, they only see the proxy tagged with "TagTest1."




  • Silverline WAF
  • Silverline DDoS
  • Silverline Portal
    • Users
    • Proxies
    • WAF Policies
    • WAF Assessments (based on WAF Policy tags - More Detail: here)
    • GRE Tunnels



For a video tutorial, see [VIDEO] Restricting Access to Portal Using Tags with Roles Based Access Control (RBAC).


How to Add Tags to Users

  1. In the Silverline Portal, click on your company's name in the top ribbon, just beside your user name. 
  2. Then click the 'Users' button.  
  3. Then click the 'pencil' button to edit the user you'd like to modify.  
  4. Scroll down to the the 'User limited to these tags' section.
  5. If you click in the filed, a list of pre-defined tags will pop up.  
    • Click the desired tags. 
    • To define a new tag: start typing and press the Enter key to create the new tag.
    • Added tags appear as gray boxes with a small gray x. Click the X to delete the tag.Screen_Shot_2018-02-12_at_12.18.49_PM.png
  6. To save the added tags to the user, click 'Update.'


How to Tag Portal Objects

Note: Objects that do not have a tag associated are unrestricted and are viewable by all users.


The following Portal Objects accept tags:

  • Users
  • Proxies
  • WAF Policies & Violation logs associated with tagged Policies
  • WAF Assessments (based on WAF Policy tags - More Detail: here)
  • GRE Tunnels
  1. Open the editing screen for the desired Portal object, i.e. a proxy -- See Proxy Set-up Guide: Proxy / App Configuration in Silverline Portal
  2. Click in the field labeled "Tags."
  3. Type in the tags you desire to add. Select them as they appear in the drop-down.
  • Proxy:tag-proxy-create.png
  • Add tags on the Proxy configurations summary screen:
    • editproxy.png
  • WAF Policy:
    • waf_policy_tag.png 


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