Silverline Japan Quick Reference Guide

F5 Networks Silverline SOC Services Reference

Revised: July 2020

How to Contact the F5 SOC

Silverline Services:

·   Contact the Security Operations Center (SOC):

How to Open a Support Case

Specific Instructions:

  • Contact the F5 SOC (see above)
  • Primary Contact (Provide a secondary if your issue is high or urgent)
  • Phone Number(s) – Mobile Number if appropriate
  • Concise Problem Description: Clearly state the issue. You can copy and paste the following template into a ticket:
What has happened?

What are the error messages?

When did it happen, and where did it happen?

What changes have occurred in the configuration?

What changes have occurred in the network? 

To Obtain Case Status


  • Call the F5 SOC at (IDC) 0061-010-800-7000-5050; (KDD) 001-010-800-7000-5050 (Option #2 Japanese translation services)
  • Check for International Numbers and Regional Toll-Free Options or dial +1(206) 272 7969


Case Escalation

For technical support, please dial the Silverline Support line at (IDC) 0061-010-800-7000-5050; (KDD) 001-010-800-7000-5050 or by emailing


  • You can always request to speak to the Senior Analyst on duty or the on-duty Manager.


  • For SOC escalations, please use the following table:




SOC Lead

Immediately as required

Senior Analyst on Duty

SOC Manager On Duty

Immediately as required

SOC Manager on Duty

SOC Global VP

Call after 30 minutes of no contact

Jerry Stalick

+1 206 708 4289

VP, GM Silverline

Call after 60 minutes of no contact

Gail Coury

+1 206 272-7565

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for F5 Support. From time to time, customers may receive an email invitation to complete an attached survey for the level of service provided.  

F5 Silverline Resources

Useful URL’s




  • F5 Labs - We process global application threat data from F5 and our partners into actionable intelligence


  • - all things iRules and iControl plus user forums and more


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