Q&A: What are iRule Stats?


What are iRules Stats? How do I read charts and tables?

  • iRules allow you to customize certain behavior on decision making for incoming traffic. See Q&A: What iRules are Supported by Silverline?
  • When iRules are deployed, statistics are gathered each time they are triggered.  In general, an iRule will have a specific set of criteria which must be matched in order for them to perform an action.
  • Each time the match criteria is met, which may be based on such items as target IP, source IP, ports, protocols and more, a counter is incremented and a timestamp taken. 



  • Silverline WAF
  • Silverline Shape Defense
  • iRules



Navigate to Monitor & Analyze > Stats > iRules to see iRules Stats page


Chart Name Description Image
iRule (left)
  • shows the number of times a specific iRule has executed
  • shows the percentage of each iRule during the hovered time
  • each color is 1 iRule
Top Requests: By Application
  • Shows the top proxies / applications where iRules were executed


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