Monitor & Analyze: Firewall Rules Stats


This page explains how to read the statistics displayed on the Firewall Rules page under Monitor & Analyze > Stats in the Portal.



  • DDoS Protection
  • Routed configuration
  • Firewall Rules

NOTE: Firewall Rules do not apply to Proxy customers. An iRule should be leveraged for any Proxy specific use cases. See iRules in Silverline: Scope of Support



Recommendation: After configuration, go to Stats > Firewall Rules to check that your firewall rules are working as desired.

1. Navigate to  Monitor and Analyze > Stats > Firewall Rules. 

  • This defaults to showing all firewall rules and all firewall groups. The the color represents the rule that was triggered, shown by the legend below the chart.


2. Use the date and time filters to specify a time range. The chart refreshes to show only the selected time range.


3. Use the filters (A) to narrow down to one Firewall Group or one Firewall Rule.

4. Read the stats charts using the following guide:

  • Bit rate per Firewall (B) shows the amount of traffic (in Mbps) that was subject to the rules being triggered when a match has been made against incoming packets. 
  • Bits Summary (C) shows the total number of bits that were impacted by the rule.
  • Packet Rate Per Firewall Rule (E) shows the number of packets per second (pps) that were impacted by the firewall rules. 
  • Packets Summary (D) shows the total number of packets that were affected by the different rules. 

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