How to View Proxy Stats on Silverline Portal


Traffic that traverses proxies is measured in terms of both bandwidth consumed and connections made.  This data may be displayed over any time period using the Proxy Stats page in Portal.



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  • Silverline Portal
    • Proxy Stats




View stats for all proxies on Proxy Stats page

1. Navigate to Monitor and Analyze > Stats > Proxies / Apps

2. By default, the page displays a summary for all proxies for the account.  However, it may be restricted to a single proxy by using the Proxy selector, shown as "A" in image below (click to enlarge image).


The meaning for the charts is as follows:

Designator Chart Name Description
B Current Client Connections This chart shows the number of TCP connections that have been made for the time period shown.  It shows the peak connection count for the granularity displayed.  You can also click and hold over a given time period to zoom in.  In this case, the granularity will increase and the page redraw.  The finest granularity is 5 minutes.
C Request Bits In While chart B refers to the connection count, this chart, for the same time period, will show the bandwidth consumed in bits per second.  This chart on shows bandwidth consumes for packets which are ingress to the Silverline proxy.
D Request Bits Out This chart shows the amount of bandwidth consumed for packets which egress the proxy.  For most typical applications, the traffic for egress will be higher than ingress.  Be aware as well that the scaling of the charts on this page are independent of one another.


Jump to stats for a specific proxy from Proxy Management page

For customers with >200 proxy objects, finding stats for a specific proxy can be difficult on the Proxy Stats page under Monitor & Analyze, so here is a way to jump to the stats for a specific proxy

  1. In the Silverline Portal, navigate to Config > Proxy / App Configuration > Proxy / App Management
  2. Hover on the desired proxy row
  3. Click the 3-dot menu that appears on right-side of row
  4. Select Stats
    • Screen_Shot_2021-04-08_at_12.00.54_PM.png
  5. View the stats for the selected proxy -- See details on graphs in above section (View stats for all proxies on Proxy Stats page)

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