DDoS Onboarding Video 3: Configuring Routed DDoS Protection

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Video Description

Tutorial on how to configure DDoS Routed Solution, which includes these steps (also covered in Getting Started with Silverline DDoS Routed Services):

  1. IP Network Management - add ASNs and prefixes
  2. GRE Tunnel Configuration - more details in GRE Tunnel Set-up Guide
    • includes Load balancing over GRE tunnels
  3. Enable BGP sessions in Routing Management - more details in BGP Configuration for DDoS Protection Setup
  4.  Also shows IP Denylist / Allowlist (not required for configuration) - more details in How To Denylist IP Addresses For DDoS Routed Services & How To Allowlist IP Addresses For DDoS Routed Services

Note: We've updated IP terminology for GRE Tunnels since the creation of this video. To see current terms, see GRE Tunnels: Definitions of IP Terminology

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