Download: Routed DDoS Questionnaire for Onboarding

To set up your Silverline services, we need key information about your network(s). The Silverline Security Operations Center (SOC) requires the information in the following downloadable document. Once it's filled out, we can configure your Silverline DDoS services so we can mitigate future DDoS attacks on your network(s). The GRE Tunnel Set-up Guide page explains the standard setup with our Silverline Scrubbing centers and your data centers.

Please fill this in with as much detail as possible before our initial Technical Onboarding Call. Additionally, read through the Silverline Knowledge Base documentation linked in your Welcome Email.


Download the Routed DDoS Onboarding Questionnaire


If you have any questions or issues, a SOC Analyst can address these on your Technical Onboarding Call. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this vital information.


Summary: Questions in the Document

  • What are your ASNs? Do you own them or do you have a LOA?
  • What is your bandwidth per Carrier?
  • Which prefixes do you want Silverline to protect?



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