Issue: Web Servers May Disable HTTP Compression from Proxies


  • According to RFC 2616, if a request passes through a proxy, the proxy must add a "Via" header.
  • This header indicates to the origin server that the request passed through the named device.
The Via general-header field MUST be used by gateways and proxies to
   indicate the intermediate protocols and recipients between the user
   agent and the server on requests, and between the origin server and
   the client on responses.


  • Silverline WAF
  • Silverline DDoS
  • Proxy/Proxies
  • The application uses HTTP Compression


  • F5 Silverline inserts a Via header in all HTTP requests sent to back-end web servers.
    • However, some web servers do not compress data if a request contains a "Via" header.
    • This can lead to longer load times for clients as well as increased bandwidth usage.


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