How to Add / Update Customer Contact Email Addresses


  • How up add contact info or update contact info
  • What's the difference between different contact info boxes?
    • Notification Emails vs. Real-time Incident Procedures (RTIP)
    • Technical Contacts vs. Billing and Administrative Contacts
  • Customer Email Address Usage - How Silverline uses your email addresses to contact you.

IMPORTANT: Keep Contact Info on Portal Up-to-date

The F5 Silverline Support team uses this information in the event of an emergency where we need to get in contact with you and your team, such as when an attack happens.



  • Silverline DDoS
  • Silverline WAF
  • Portal
    • Customer Info



1. Navigate to the Customer Info Page by clicking the name of your company in the upper-right of the Portal. (Customer Info is also the default home page of Portal).

2. Click the "Edit Customer" button.

3. Then, add the following contact information: 


A) Notification Emails

These email addresses are used for SOC-initiated communications such as:

  • Non-emergency communications
  • Requests, clarifications or other issues related to the provided service

Note: The SOC will not contact these emails in the event of an attack, unless specified in the Real-Time Incident Procedures (RTIP).


B) Real-Time Incident Procedures (RTIP)

If your network / applications are under a DDoS attack, write out the specific actions the SOC should take to alert you, such as:

  • Names and email contacts
  • Priority order of contact

More Info: 


C) Technical Contacts

Your technical team's email addresses, which are used by the SOC when:

  • they need to obtain information to ensure Silverline run reliably
  • they need to contact you to make recommendations on configuration or policy changes
  • they need to alert your technical team to any anomalies that require making or approving configuration changes


D) Billing & Administrative Contacts

These contacts are used by both the SOC and by Sales in the event that any service is disrupted because of the following reasons:

  • Contracted limits for a subscription are about to be exceeded
  • A subscription is due for renewal
  • A Proof of Concept is nearing expiration
  • A Proof of Concept has expired


Other Usage of Email Communications

Email communications are also leveraged for config-related changes, but are typically sent to only the requestor of the config change, such as the following:

  • New proxy configurations
  • Proxy deployments
  • Routing Changes
  • Firewall changes
  • Tunnel configuration changes


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